Portugal Photo Diary

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Portugal     Doors of Lagos     Pilots

Photos of life with Amy in Portugal.


DOORS OF LAGOS – A Walk Around Lagos Photographing Doors. Windows and Various Other Things.

I am fascinated by some of the dignified old buildings of Lagos. Many in a state of great disrepair. In spite of this I see beauty in them and can’t help but wonder what stories lie behind their closed doors. And I wonder about the bourgeois who lived in these houses when they were at their best. The families that made this town economically successful over the millennia. I wonder what they did to make all this money. No doubt some of it goes back to the time of the slave trade and, more recently, the extraction of resources from southern Africa and Brazil. None of this is what we would think of as an honourable way to make your fortune and so, in a way, you could argue it is a fitting end for these houses, built on the proceeds of shameful endeavours.  I, however, think the houses are blameless and on the one hand would love to see them restored to their former glory, but on the other hand, their shabbiness is part of the charm of Lagos and I think it would be a terrible thing to see this lovely town with all its rust and flaking paint, turned into something you would see in a lifestyle magazine. It makes me think of Havana … but that is another story.

So today I walked around Lagos and photographed, with an iPad, doors and windows and other things that took my fancy. Things that speak of Lagos’ former glory. Not a spectacular glory in the sense that Lisbon or Madrid are spectacular, but grand for a small provincial town by the sea. Here are the photos:

All images in the above gallery are copyright to the author and TravelsWithAnAfricanHusky.com You are welcome to use the images, but please ask me first and be sure to acknowledge the source with a link. Thank you.


Walk to Beach and Lagos Old Fort 11 January 2015.


Walk to the Beach 8 January 2015.

Amy and I went to the beach today and when I let her off the lead she went straight to some pooh and rolled in it!!!!!!!! The following pic was taken moments before this happened. Judging from the look on her face, she has already spied where the pooh is and is eager to get over there and partake of the joyous rapture that comes from rubbing one’s face, neck and collar in a really smelly pooh. And whenever this happens I am so disgusted I wish we had never got a Husky and swear I am going to throttle her … then a few days later everything is back to normal and we love her again.


Our walk midday in Lagos, Portugal 7 January 2015:


Our walk late this afternoon in Lagos, Portugal 3 January 2015:


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