4 Minus 1 Gallery

I put this collection of images together some years ago to encourage people to take seriously the need to stay up to date with their health checks. I am sure I need not say how terrible it is to think that Harriet would still be alive if her tumour had been caught earlier. Many cancers will not kill you if you catch them early enough, so I ask you please please please to make an appointment right now if you are behind. And make sure all your loved ones are also up to date. We all think we are invincible and that we will live to a ripe old age. Harriet was 38 when she died. It should not have happened.

Click to see the photos:

MyAlbum 4

All of the photos to accompany the book can be seen on my Travels with an African Husky MyAlbum.


The photos are also shown in sections:

MyAlbum 2

MyAlbum 4

MyAlbum 5

MyAlbum 6

MyAlbum 7

MyAlbum 8

MyAlbum 9


Holly Tree Farm     4 Minus 1     South Africa     England after South Africa

Portugal     Doors of Lagos     Pilots


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All these images are by me except for the final two of me which were taken by Leesa Tulloch and the photo of Ian the dog by the Danger sign which was taken by Zsuzsa Pasztor.


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