I am English, but I have spent a lot of my life living in the sunnier parts of the world.

In 1997, when I lived in London, I met a woman I quite fancied. Her name was Harriet and our first date was at the Natural History Museum for a talk given by David Attenborough. A year later, on top of a mountain in the French Alps, I kicked off my skis, got down on one knee and proposed to her. We moved to Holly Tree Farm in Hampshire in 1998 and got married there a year later. Two dogs and two children followed, Thomas in 2000 and Tilly in 2003.

In July 2004 Harriet came into the bedroom and said she had had a bad bleed and there must be something wrong. Nine months later, in spite of the best possible care from some remarkably dedicated doctors and nurses, she passed away. Cervical cancer. She was 38 years old.

I packed up my life and took my kids and dogs to Cape Town in South Africa. I decided to give myself two years to get back on my feet and do something I had always wanted to do. I was going to train as a professional photographer. Two years became six. We were adopted by a husky who travelled with us back to England and onto Portugal.

This is the story of that journey. A story of healing, but also a feel-good adventure held together by two kids and a dog.

After Harriet died I kept a diary of sorts – often just hastily written vignettes scribbled down before I fell asleep. Travels with an African Husky has extracts from that diary and includes a lot of the photos of our journey to and from Africa, England, France and Portugal.


All of the photos to accompany the book can be seen on my Travels with an African Husky MyAlbum.



Click here for examples of my photographic work or here to see my photography FaceBook page.

I did a big project off my own bat photographing and interviewing 28 WWII pilots in then-and-now formats.  I am also collating images and stories of women pilots who flew for the Soviet Union in WWII.

For over ten years now I have run a website called DON’T MOVE TO FRANCE, a “look before you leap” site that emphasises the importance of having the right mindset when moving to a new country.

John Martin Bradley, Lagos, Portugal. October 2015.

Travels with an African Husky

Amy in Full Flight at the Beach
Travels with an African Husky

Travels with an African Husky

Amy at the Beach with a Big Smile on Her Face Travels with an African Husky

Travels with an African Husky

Amy and Tilly at the Beach
Travels with an African Husky


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Travels with an African Husky Cover



If you would like a taster of the book, please click here to see the first 100 and something pages as a PDF.









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