David Ogilvy and the Interconnectedness of Things

I read the following article and was reminded of the influence this man had on my life.


David Ogilvy

I met David Ogilvy twice when I was 29 years old (24 years ago). He persuaded me to leave Ogilvy & Mather. He told me to think of it as a building block for more important things in my career and my life. He had just been in the African bush for ten days and was on fire with the holistic notion of the interconnectedness of things. He spoke with the resolute firmness of an erudite man imparting wisdom to a novice.

His message was that a meaningful life lay in getting to grips with this notion of everything being interconnected, living a life defined by this and using our gifts as communicators (we worked in the best and most respected advertising agency in the world after all – his advertising agency) to encourage others, without evangelising, to explore this idea for themselves. This was his timeless advice to me.

I think he was a man before his time. Have I followed his advice?  I hope so, not always and not very well perhaps, but I think I have fairly consistently followed it over many years.



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