Another Amazing Day in Portugal

Another amazing day in Portugal. I can’t believe this brilliant weather in early January.

I took these photos this morning when I took Amy for a walk. It was so warm I seriously considered going for a swim. Amy on the other hand stayed well away from the water, not being fond of the wet stuff.


2 thoughts on “Another Amazing Day in Portugal

  1. pedromnunes

    Portugal, you must stay in Portugal for a year and see with your own eyes one of the most beautifull countries! Visit our north and islands too!

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    1. johnmartinbradley Post author

      Yes you Absolutely right. We will have ben here for a year at the end of next month. I’ve visited Oporto a few years ago and thought it was very nice indeed. Portugal for me is uncharted territory, so much to explore, so many beautiful and interesting things and places to discover. I have travelled all over the world, but I hardly know this place in which I live. I shall do my best to remedy that in the coming years.



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